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Preparing the Feet for a Seaside Vacation

Preparing the Feet for a Seaside Vacation

Feet allow us to get from one place to another with ease, through many types of terrain and daily activities. They suffer a lot of wear and tear through calloused heels, ingrown toe nails, fungal infections, cracked heels, and even abrasions or cuts. When foot care falls to the side due to other important priorities, it can take some time to rejuvenate them and prepare them for a relaxing vacation.

Keeping Up with Regular Trims

Toe nails should be trimmed regularly to promote healthy feet and prevent infections from occurring or dirt from accumulating. Always cut toe nails in a square shape; rounding them increases the risks of an ingrown toenail. If this should occur, a podiatrist Altamonte Springs FL can help to treat the affected toenail.

Evening Out Tan Lines & Darkening Pale Feet

For most people, feet are either far more pale than the body, or they have tan lines from wearing sandals. Try allowing feet to soak up the sunshine to darken them or even out the tan lines. If there is no time, popular tanning lotions or spray tans might be able to help.

Exfoliating Rough & Dead Skin

When feet are dry and calloused, it’ll take a bit of time to hydrate and smooth them. They need to be deeply moisturized, then soaked several hours later. Use special foot scrubs and exfoliating pumice stones to help slough off dead skin. Once finished, keep the feet moisturized. Repeat this process at least twice per week, depending on the condition of the feet.

Intensive Moisturizing

Moisturizing is important to prevent the buildup of dry, dead skin and hard calloused feet. Try slathering thick, moisturizing creams that will hydrate deeply onto the feet and cover them with socks. Sleep in the socks overnight, and enjoy the silky soft feet the next day!

As a finishing touch, add a coat of brilliant nail polish to the toe nails for beautiful, beach-ready feet! With a bit of dedication and care, feet can be completely rejuvenated within less than a week.

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