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Recognize Signs Aging At Young Age

Recognize Signs Aging At Young Age

Many factors cause facial skin elasticity is reduced. UV rays, a healthy lifestyle is not balanced, the age factor, even care products we use can also affect it. Of age, women generally face skin will lose elasticity, such as the appearance of fine lines ranging from the age of 30 years. But it does not cover the possibility for us who were aged under 30 years. Especially if you are less aware of your face to maintain healthy skin. This is a skin problem that often becomes a dilemma of women, facial skin look older than their actual age.

Before it’s too late, recognize the state of your skin in from now on. This is characteristic of aging skin begins to experience.

  1. The skin on the cheeks, eyes, nose, and forehead feels more concave. This could occur because the body’s production of collagen in the skin has begun to diminish.
  2. Appears dark spots or dark spots are also called. Usually the black spots are often found in areas of the skin under the eyes and nose.
  3. Facial skin still looks dull, whereas beauty rituals such as facial routine.
  4. In the corner of the eye area appear crow feet while smiling.
  5. The eyes still look tired even after sleeping enough.

If you already know the marks to 5 above, it may now be time to consider the actual skin care products you need. If everyday you use only sun block and moisturizer, it helps add beauty products, such as using anti-aging creams.

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