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Scientists Find Key to Lasting Marriage

Scientists Find Key to Lasting Marriage

One study published in the journal Human Brain Mapping find, married women who are happy to have emotions is always positive when responding to all the problems brought by the husband. They have built lasting marriage throughout life.

“Many of us think choosing a partner that can help when we have a problem. And of course, it is the key to a solid and good relationship,” said the husband-wife relationship expert, Dr. Duana Welch quoted from the Daily Mail.

Before that, Rotman Research Institute in Toronto studied 14 women who had been married for 40 years. They were given a spectacle in the form of ten-second video contains scenes that made the husband or strangers to see the emotions they spend.

Not the day of the wedding video, but video showing the husband’s reaction when faced with a car accident. Overall, the respondens women produce more positive brain activity when watching the video.

Women feel the satisfaction of seeing the video shows their husbands. And expression can not lied, if they are proud to have a partner like their husbands.

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