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Seven Breast Cancer Myths and Facts

Seven Breast Cancer Myths and Facts

Breast cancer is currently the killer of many women in Indonesia and the world. Women should not hesitate to breast examination after the age of 40 years. Precautions women against the dangers of breast cancer had to be recognized from the beginning. Unfortunately a lot of incorrect information about breast cancer circulating in the community.

Let us see how exactly the true facts about breast cancer following:

Myth 1: Only women with a family history of breast cancer have a risk.

Fact: It is true that women who have a close relative with breast cancer have a higher risk of breast cancer as well. If a first-degree sisters (sister sibling, mother, daughter) has cancer, then a woman’s risk for developing cancer was doubled. If the two sisters the first level of developing cancer, the risk increases fivefold.

However it must be noted that not only women with a family history of breast cancer risk. In fact, approximately 70% of women diagnosed with breast cancer did not have risk factors associated with families who have the same disease.

Myth 2: Using a bra with wire support increases the risk of breast cancer

Fact: Scientific evidence does not support a link between the use of a bra with wire support and cancer risk. There is no biological reason could also reinforce the notion that the support wire bra causes breast cancer.

A study in 1991 showed that women who do not wear bras have a lower risk of developing breast cancer than women who wear bras. However, researchers say that the relationship was due to the use of the bra, not on the type of bra itself. Women are used as research that is not wearing a bra is a woman who seems to be thin, so the researchers concluded that it is causing the decline in breast cancer risk.

Myth 3: A lump in the breast is certain is cancer

Fact: Not all types of lumps in women’s breasts are signs of cancer. Only a small part that was actually cancer. However, if there is a real lump in the breast or any changes in the breast tissue, do not ever underestimate him. See your doctor to ensure the kind of lumps by doing clinical trials.

Myth 4: Breast implants increase the risk of cancer

Fact: Breast implants have no relationship with cancer incidence. Only, when a mammogram (breast x-rays), sometimes need more X-rays than women who do not perform implants. This is because a thicker layer on the breast.

Myth 5: Deodorants cause breast cancer

Fact: The basic ingredients of antiperspirant or deodorant is alumumium. A number of studies by the National Cancer Institue of America, to 2006, said there was no connection between breast cancer with the use of a deodorant or antiperspirant.

Yet this myth previously circulated very widely, because allegedly the base material such as aluminum antiperspirants are absorbed when used on underarms, and can cause hormonal effect that causes glandular cancer cells.

Myth 6: Women with large breasts are more at risk of developing breast cancer

Fact: small and large breasted woman at risk for breast cancer.

This myth arises because of the large breast cancer cells is more difficult to detect because of the thick pile of fat. That warrant concern are women thin or slim but big breasts.

Myth 7: Caffeine causes cancer

Fact: SehatMagz launched 13 studies involving 20,000 people found to prove that no causal relationship between coffee consumption and cancer incidence. Quite a few studies have shown that coffee has a protective effect on certain types of cancer.

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