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Sleeping with the impact Using Makeup

Sleeping with the impact Using Makeup

Not infrequently a woman who does not clean up her makeup before bed. The number may reach 6 out of 10 women in the world. Many reasons cause they do not clean their makeup before bed. In fact, cleans and removes makeup is not a fun thing to do, takes time and patience to clean makeup as a whole.

Some of you might be one of them. Feeling tired after a long day, and make it as a reason for not cleaning makeup. But did you know that makeup on the face during sleep can be bad for your face? Here’s what happened to your face while sleeping with makeup still attached.


As the base makeup, foundation can be regarded as the buildup of various products. Start of moisturizer, concealer, foundation and powder itself. All kinds of dust, dirt and bacteria from the environment will be attached directly to the pile of this product. Not only hinder the process of changing the skin, but it also can damage the collagen in your skin causing wrinkles and clogged pores which can cause acne.


For a primer itself actually does not have the potential to damage your skin, but everything was back again on how you apply this primer. Same thing with the foundation, if the primary is attached to your face from morning to night, it can cause adverse effects to your face. This primer will be fine for the skin when the product is used it to soften and moisturize the skin.


Sleeping with the stick lipstick can make your lips dry and cracked. And if you are one who always wipe clean the lipstick before going to bed, make sure you do it right. And do not forget to re-apply lipsbalm on your lips to restore moisture to the lips.


The content of particles in mascara can clog the skin on the eyelids. Not only clogs, but also can cause irritation. Swelling due to irritation can lead to blepharitis, and the longer this mascara stick, these bacteria cause conjunctivitis. If for you it is not important, this is it other impacts, sleep with mascara can cause your lashes brittle and fall out

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