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This is the reason why when the flu should drink lots of water

This is the reason why when the flu should drink lots of water

Perhaps parents are often advised, when the flu should drink a lot. The reason this can not be explained, but it is justified nutritionist.

When the flu, there is feverish and did not. The problem is, the flu causes discharge of body fluid, there are thickened and can be up to one and a half cups a day. Not to mention if a fever, we need plenty of fluids.

The drinking water is useful to maintain a constant body maintain normal temperatures in the range of 36-37 degrees Celsius. It is recommended to drink water to body temperature when the flu.

If we want the water quickly absorbed by the body, a good idea to drink a little warm water. Because if the cold water needs to be a process in the stomach so it takes time for the body to adapt.

Previously, a number of health recommendations also disclosed Sports Medicine Specialist Dr. Michael Triangto. According to him, when the flu should avoid energy drinks.

Consume energy drinks when flu would create excessive heart rate that makes the drinker feel uncomfortable and unable to concentrate.

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