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Tips For Healthy Hair While Wearing Hijab

Tips For Healthy Hair While Wearing Hijab

Lately, the fashion world began reaching into aspects of the Islamic religion. Wear closed or given a fashionable term (Islamic mode) increasingly more crowded here, not infrequently also the observer of the appearance of trying to introduce the stylish way with the hijab. However, here we do not discuss more about fashion because there are other things more important to you (the Muslim woman who was kept) know, namely how to keep hair healthy despite the hijab.

The lack of knowledge about health, care tips in particular make Muslim women more confident with her hijab complained of various problems related hair problems. Indeed, the problem with the hair more vulnerable women who stormed the hijab. Therefore, these problems emerge due to an infection in the hair follicles caused by a fungus. This fungus can proliferate due to lack of air supply, and of course women are more difficult to supply air hijab gets his hair because it was blocked by the fiber cloth veil material.

It is not you make a barrier to the hijab, because following there will be good news for you, namely hair care tips to stay healthy despite the hijab.

Hair in the dry state

Before wearing the hijab, make sure your hair is dry condition and always dry. Because if it is still wet (maybe before you wash it) can make the hair itching, dandruff, issued a pleasant aroma and things that harm your hair more.

Smart to choose the veil

Do interest with a veil that is cheap, because it could be a hot cloth material and can not let a little air to enter to cool hair. The correct way to choose the veil is made from T-shirts and cotton because it can absorb sweat.

Change veil

At least you collect veil with variations, models and colors, but still made from cotton or a shirt. Because if the veil is used too often and rarely washed can make the bacteria stick to the veil material that will trigger a variety of hair damage.

Hair Rest

Just like human hair also needs a short break with a dead sleep alias. After a day long you cover the hair with a veil, hair definitely need fresh air to keep it beautiful and healthy. The trick is to take off your hijab when they are at home on his return from the activity outside.

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