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Tips Look Beautiful But Still Save

Tips Look Beautiful But Still Save

Anyone can look beautiful with abundant funds. However, it takes ingenuity and a willingness to look beautiful with saving manner.

Calculate expenses

This week a cheap lipstick, eye shadow next week, two weeks later installment perfume. Expenses are sometimes not felt. Make a record of every penny you spend money for shopping cosmetics. Once aware of huge amount, you will be more careful to spend money.

Online shopping

Store rental costs may make the price more expensive cosmetics. That’s why online shopping could be more sensible choice. You can also buy in large quantities need to be more frugal. Eg cotton or a cotton swab to stock a few months. Make sure you calculate the cost of shipping as well.

Collect a sample of the product

Needless to hesitate. When going to the shopping center and saw an attractive cosmetic products, there is no harm in asking for a sample first before buying the product. You can also save it to carry while traveling.

Maximize use of the product

Before throwing a product that you think is up, check again. For example lotion in tube packaging, you can use the scissors and the rest until they run out. Similarly, toothpaste, press pack upward until smooth and completely exhausted before dumping. If you have a mascara that is almost depleted or dries, use for smoothing fine eyebrow or cover gray hair.

Cut the budget salons

Select treatments that really you like to do in the salon. For example, massages and scrubs. The rest, do yourself at home. Creambath medicine bottle can use up more than 5 times. While in the salon, the same amount of money is only enough to pay one time creambath. Medium or long hair pieces do not require frequent visits to the salon. In contrast to the short hair that needs to be trimmed every few months. Hair painting can also be cheaper if you bring your own hair dye. But first make sure this is permitted by the salon, and they just will charge a service fee to you.

Even world-class celebrity even got a tip telling utilize objects around to help look more beautiful. Katy Perry using a credit card on top lashes when applying mascara. This is to prevent sticking on the petals. Gabrielle Union applying ice to the face to shrink pores and make the skin smoother thereafter. While Olivia Wilde wearing toothpaste to tame hair naughty child.

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