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Tips Natural Diet With Fruits And Vegetables

Tips Natural Diet With Fruits And Vegetables

Along with the times diet is very diverse kinds, whose purpose is the one that is to lose weight and get the ideal body.

Different types of diets that are based on the idea that quick fixes may work well initially but subsequently can not be perpetuated, and when we have stopped using the diet, the weight that has been painstakingly lowered gradually go up.

This time we will give you tips on healthy and natural diet using fruits and vegetables, we will discuss any fruits and vegetables that can be used as intake during the diet.


Apple is a fruit rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. Apples are one of the foods that are very effective to lose weight. Apples contain pectin which is a type of soluble fiber that increases peristalsis. Pectin can also reduce cholesterol and bad fats.


The fresh fruit has a very high water content, composition reaches 92 percent, it is very effective to relieve thirst and hunger control. This fruit also contains IG (value of glucose levels in the food) is high, low calorie, low fat, and low in sodium.


Figs have a high natural sugar content, especially dried figs. This fruit is rich in fiber and can help the body’s metabolism. This fruit is very suitable to serve as a substitute candy snack because this fruit contains no fat.

Fruit Prem

Prem is a good source of soluble fiber to feel full longer, so avoid the hunger and desire to eat in large quantities that will be sustainable in weight gain.


These vegetables contain nutrients that very much. One of them is highly effective fiber diet program.


Asparagus can help stabilize blood sugar levels that can prevent hunger and desire to eat excessively.

Chinese cabbage

This vegetable has a low calorie. Chinese cabbage also contain vitamins and minerals that can improve the body’s metabolic processes.


Celery contains good nutrition to the diet, because celery can reduce salt consumption. The reason that celery has a salty taste delicious so it can be mixed in some foods as a substitute for salt.

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