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Trend and New Woman Hair Model

Trend and New Woman Hair Model

Turn of the year has passed, but the appearance, style and habits remain the same. But not for trends and hairstyles women because generally, the most striking difference in appearance from year to year is the haircut. Getting here, the model more stylish and unique hair with unusual color variations even using color gradation.

The artist also did not want to fall behind by age, they seek references from magazines or directly lobbying the people who are already proficient about planning her hair. Start of color often is modified, its shape is also increasingly diverse and so no one can predict, because the fashion experts will continue to innovate to show off the latest models of haircuts through an event or fashion show.

This year has been a lot of emerging models of new haircut. If you want to know what has changed and what the current model this trend, please see the following direct collection of trends and hair styles of women who may be there that captivate you to push yourself to follow the model of the hair.

Mid-length cuts

Pieces of this model if the see-saw will give the impression of relaxed, not stiff, but still stylish and not outdated.

mid length

Mid-length haircut cuts configured with an average length of up to shoulder a little more. Actually haircut like this has been introduced and tested community, but observers predict fashion haircut like this more and more in demand by women.

Mermaid waves

Haircut mermaid waves provide simple but memorable impression spirit.

mermaid waves

The form is bumpy from top to bottom ends of the hair to make the owner look more elegant and sexy. Enough to show off in front of the men can be sure they will be tempted to create an aura of beauty that you send out.


It is a model haircut still exist until now. Although it has been introduced since 5 years ago still come here more and more enthusiasts, considering this hairstyle appropriate for the selected women.


Just look at the photo above, the model is simple to make owners more comfortable and sexy despite her hair kept short.

Fashion-models above haircut is still popular and sought after by women, even likely demand will increase 5-fold.

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