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Using Botox To Treat Pain

Using Botox To Treat Pain

You may be familiar with the injected medication, Botox, for its cosmetic value, but did you know this drug also has other benefits? For patients with chronic neck and back pain, Botox is used as a recommended treatment option. Additionally, Botox can also be used to assist with the prevention and management of migraine headaches. Safe, pain management treatment using injections has been practiced for many years and is the recommended course of treatment over surgical options or prescribed narcotics.

Different from an injected narcotic medication, Botox works by interrupting the signals between the nerve and muscles. This disruption of signals helps patients to experience less pain and increases their range of motion. Once range of motion has been increased, this expedites the recovery process; making physical therapy, exercise, or activities of daily living more manageable. Administered by a licensed physician, Botox helps to relax muscle by decreasing pressure on the specific nerve that is causing the pain. Frequency of injections needed vary from patient to patient and are discussed during a patient’s consultation.

Best of all, Botox is a safe alternative over traditional pain medications because there is no dizziness, fatigue or other harmful side effects involved. This allows patients to resume driving, employment, or other activities usually limited when taking prescribed pain medications.

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