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Vitamin B Making Dreams Becoming More Colorful

Vitamin B Making Dreams Becoming More Colorful

A researcher, examined various aspects of the dream in the PhD project and hope to uncover how humans can control his dreams.

Preliminary research suggests that taking vitamin B6 might make the dream more vivid, colorful, emotional and bizarre, and the other B vitamins might help to remember their dreams or dreams Lucid is a dream that occur when people are sleeping, but still realized that they are dreaming ,

To get a lucid dream, the first thing that is very important is to remember dreams regularly. Drinking vitamin B may help people to remember his dream and get more dream lucids.

If we can control the dream during sleep, we could use the time more productively dream.

Previous research suggests that lucid dreams have many benefits. For instance, lucid dreams can be used to overcome nightmares, cure phobias, solve problems more creatively, improve motor skills and even help motor rehabilitation of physical trauma.

The study participants will be asked to participate in research for more than 10 days. They will be given capsules containing vitamin B6, vitamin B-complex, and a placebo.

During the trial period, BiztekMojo mention all participants will be required to fill out a questionnaire every morning which will be used to analyze the effects of vitamins on the style of dreams and dream recall.

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