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Warning, White Wine can be caused skin cancer

Warning, White Wine can be caused skin cancer

Drinks containing alcohol are generally not good for health. However, findings or results of research that has been done the last few years have revealed the benefits of alcoholic beverages, especially wine or grape type.

Wine is believed to help warm the body in the winter time as well as lowering the risk of heart disease and diabetes. It sounds positive, but wait, the latest facts show a strong association between alcohol, particularly white wine or white wine with skin cancer.

It should be realized that any kind of liquor in fact from the beginning has the potential to trigger cancer in the drinker. This is because, when the body seeks to process the alcohol in the stomach, the alcohol is automatically produces carcinogenic compounds cause cancer.

A recent study published in the American Association for Cancer Research Journal showed that 14 percent of alcoholics are more likely to suffer melanoma or skin cancer than not.

Then, 73 percent drink alcohol possibility of suffering from skin cancer is very high in certain parts of the skin that is rarely exposed to direct sunlight.

When the researchers analyzed the level of risk of developing melanoma in the drink based on the type of alcohol most frequently consumed, they found that white wine drinkers were 13 percent less likely to suffer from skin cancer than other types of alcohol drink such as red wine, beer, whiskey and other spirits.

The researchers argue, indeed wine naturally contains relatively high levels of carcinogens. So it may be caused cancer than other types of alcoholic beverages.

But why white wine is more fatal then the red?

The content of the antioxidant in red wine believed to offset the associated risk, while the white wine was not because the levels are very slightly.

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