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Ways and Dressing Tips For Women Fat that looks Enchanting

Ways and Dressing Tips For Women Fat that looks Enchanting

Basically, all women are beautiful and have their own aura. Every woman can look stunning, whoever it is, even for women who are overweight or obese women. Unfortunately, there are still few women are aware of this.

Including dress or dress, it turns out there is a way. I used to write tips to dress for a particular skin color, now I will share tips on how to dress nice for women who have more weight,

Here are the tips.

Avoid Clothing Elastic Model

The first tip is, avoid models with elastic or rubber back. Why? because for women who are not overweight yet, precisely this model gives the impression that your body fat. If this model is used by women who are mildly obese, of course he would look fatter again.

Avoid clothing that has a crowded impression

Avoid clothing that has a crowded impression, for example, is clothing with decorative too much. Or maybe with colorful clothes.

Clothing types like this makes you not graceful and elegant look. Aura pretty woman was covered by a crowd of clothing. If the one-one, you will actually look tacky to wear. Instead, use clothes with simple motifs.

Avoid Clothing For Men

Not that because of the size of the men’s clothes that fit, you buy clothes men. Or because the design captivate and draw attention to you, you buy it. Menswear course adapted to men, if men’s clothing worn by women, it will reinforce your shortcomings.

Strange proportions

This is not inevitable, but it’s better you do not use them at all. Clothes like these are usually sold cheaply, because there are errors or defects.

This is the kind of clothing such as clothes with odd proportions, such as the collar tilted, the color of clothing fade / dull, or perhaps long sleeve next. Clothes like this will only make you put on weight.

Use Size Pas

Do not for reasons of affection or low, you wear clothes or clothing that does not fit the size. Look for clothing that fits your body, you will feel comfortable in addition, you will also feel confident.

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