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What Happens to the Body When You Sleep?

What Happens to the Body When You Sleep?

At bedtime, we often do not realize what happens to organs. In fact, the performance of some organs slowed along with the bed asleep.


Consider the interesting facts of the body while you sleep, as quoted Healthmeup:

1. The eyes move

Do not panic when you know the fellow eye moves ahead of sleep. So here, in medical terms there is the so-called REM (rapid eye movement), a condition characterized by rapid eye movements and is a phase in which dreams occur. During this phase, a person’s body does not act on his dream.

2. With a jolt when you wake up

Have you ever dreamed and felt like a fall or sudden jerks awake for no reason at all? This is a normal part of sleep. Scientists have not been able to answer why it happened. However, some of them believe, are preparing your body in a comfortable position so that you awake.

3. Erode tooth

Some people grind your teeth while they are sleeping. This condition is known as bruxism. If you experience it, you should regularly go to the dentist because of a habit that can cause cracked teeth and jaw muscles ache.

4. kidney function slows down

Actually, almost all organs work decreases during sleep. But during sleep, decreased kidney function helps you reduce the volume of urine during sleep. So you do not have to worry about alternating the toilet to urinate. This is also the reason why the night, urine tends to brown.

5. The senses of smell stop

During the day, the sense of smell may be more sensitive. Because during sleep, this sense also break. In a study conducted at Brown University, researchers found that people who sleep can not inhale smoke smoke and other harmful fumes.

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