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Why should check the teeth every six months?

Why should check the teeth every six months?

Surely you often hear the recommendation to check the teeth to the dentist every six months. However, many do not do so and chose to go to the dentist when already ill. And with regularly to the dentist complaining of pain can be avoided.

The tendency of people will check the teeth to the dentist after illness. However, if diligent six months it could be avoided. And here are two things you do every time the teeth checked every six months:

1. Cleaning tartar

The first is to clean tartar, the teeth will surely arise tartar if not always diligent in cleaning the teeth with a maximum. Tartar was the bacteria, if left tartar can damage the bone supporting the teeth. This makes the teeth become loose and then shake.

With clean teeth of the reef, it will avoid oral health problems such as bleeding gums, swollen gums, and bad breath.

2. Check for the presence or absence of cavities

The second is to check cavities, cavities because it can occur without symptoms. Only when already feel the pain when eating or drinking it means that the hole was deepened. So, with regular dental cleanings every six months, small cavities can be directly actionable. So that the dental condition is not severe and the cost incurred is not great.

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